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Rabbits – Fly strike

Fly strike is the term used to describe a condition where flies lay their eggs upon the surface of a rabbit’s skin, then the larvae (maggots) hatch and burrow down into the skin and tissues, effectively eating the rabbit alive!

All rabbits are at risk from fly strike, even those kept indoors, but some are more susceptible than others.  This is usually because the rabbit has extra features that encourage the flies closer to the rabbit in the first place.

Those more at risk are:

  • Rabbits that have soft stools due to illness or poor diet
  • Those kept within a dirty, enclosed hutch
  • Rabbits with long fur that faeces and urine gets caught in
  • Overweight rabbits that cannot reach to clean their rear end
  • Older rabbits that are less active

In order to help keep your rabbit safe, you should clean its home environment out regularly, and remove waste matter daily.  Also you should check your rabbits rear end at least once daily to check for faeces build up or signs of fly eggs or maggots.  It is important to check so regularly because the process of the eggs being laid, to the burrowing of maggots can occur within just 12 hours.

There are also preventative measures available to buy from us, these include Rearguard and F10, these work in different ways, but once applied to the rabbit’s skin, effectively reduce the chance of your rabbit getting fly strike.  It is advised to treat your rabbit with one of these products throughout the summer months, when flies are most abundant.

If you find maggots or sign of damage to your rabbit’s skin, call us immediately to book an urgent appointment for your rabbit, this can escalate in severity very quickly, and can prove fatal if not treated correctly.




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