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A microchip is a small device, approximately the size of a grain of rice, which is inserted under the skin in the scruff of an animal’s neck.
The purpose of a microchip is to re-unite lost animals with their owners, quickly.  This method is safe and has proved invaluable in many cases of lost animals.

Each microchip has an individual number embedded into its memory, which can be retrieved from the chip using a special scanner unit.  Establishments such as veterinary practices, dog wardens and rescue centres are equipped with these scanners and scan each animal found stray.  Once the number has been retrieved from the chip, the owner’s details can be obtained from dedicated national databases. 

If you would like this security for your pet, then contact the surgery where we can book your pet in with the vet or a nurse in order to implant a chip.  Implantation requires a quick injection, in the same way as a vaccination is administered.  The procedure is virtually painless and over in seconds.

We recommend this for all cats and dogs as they can easily wander and become lost.  Once found and scanned they can be reunited with their worried owners. 










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